Long time, no see!

I've constructed a theory over the last year while continuously watching Scream Team, particularly YLN's hacker hunting videos. I don't like them, mind you, but there seems to be a common theme between these hacker 'hunting' videos.

Quoted from Your Living Nightmare's page on the wiki,

  • AcornBrownHackerHunter12 (hacked)
  • ChocolateHackerHunter12 (Failed)
  • MucusGreenHackerHunter12 (hacked)
  • PICKLEHACKERHUNTER12 (hacked and deleted)
  • BANANAHACKERHUNTER22 (Locked out forever) 
  • BANANEHACKERHUNTER22 (on French msp and failed)
  • KUMQUATHACKERHUNTER22 (hacked, no longer current)
  • Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 6.51.50 PM

    We love drama on a hunting channel, right?

    JalapenoHackerHunter (locked out forever)
  • JalapenoHackerHunter22 (first it was faked being hacked as 2 of jes's friends trolled her fans then later hacked and deleted by error 101. Friend or hacker?)

Why do her accounts always end with a bad concequence? Sure, some can argue that 'Banane', 'Chocolate' and 'Jalapeno22' didn't, but in my personal opinion, I think it was just to even out how fake her hacker hunting videos are. 

With such a big team by her side, including Elsa Icee, or some other guys, (I'm not sure, sorry) she could easily trick her fans and such into believing that she actually got hacked. Although there are those some cases of mains getting stalked, sure. Since it's a big issue, I'll leave it alone.

Also, with a really loose scedule more recently, and a lot of staged hacker huntings popping up on youtube, she feels free to upload anything she wants onto her Hunting With Nightmare channel. It just shows how infrequently she contributes to the channel and how often she doesn't get hacked, or bother to get hacked. Or maybe, it's just she hasn't planned any staged hacker huntings yet.. Anything too embarassing for her or anything she feels might damage her reputation she now uploads onto the hunting channel instead. Even though this has happened once, with Lushh and Laruen involved, I think this habbit can grow into something more. 

I think her hacker huntings are staged with smart editing. They all follow a same pattern with her fooling around, then her timeskipping to her staged hacker, or it 'fails', and then she gets hacked, banned, deleted, or locked out, rinse, and repeats.

I do not hate her. I just want to point some things out.

Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!

See you next year!

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