Here are some more tips for Hacker Hunters!

Don't go on lag free!

Especially hacker hunting, if your recording or just confronting hackers, NEVER go on lag free. Even if it's useful and does stop your notification spam, it can increase the risk of you getting hacked.


You won't know if a hacker is secretly messaging you, or trying to hack you!

Hacker hunt with a friend!

Two heads are better then one, and it's also good if you are both recording. If one gets hacked, the other has proof that the hacker is real. This is extremely useful if the hacker can hack into your computer and remove the recording, the other still has the proof.

Watch Hacker Hunter channels!

Watch more of Black Knight 777, Gator, Boca, Jemass ect. to familiarise yourself with the hackers and how to deal with them. If you discover a hacker, tell a hunter about it, and they may look into it!

Look at the pages on this wiki!

What else is this wiki for?


This keeps happening, and people keep getting hacked by saying these idiotic things! STOP IT!

Set your standards

It's your desicion if you want to go hunting or not. No one is forcing you to. It's your choice to create an account to hacker hunt with, or to use your main. It's your choice if you want to search the hacker up. Just don't be rude and stay calm. It's your choice if you take the risk. It's not anyone else's.

Hope this helps! Until next time! -Lilyisacat

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