In May of 2016, a new hacker named "Thedolleyx" appeared on the US server. She also is mentioned to have hacked on the UK server, but she has no known account on there. Not much is known except that she has hacked and obviously has a name similar to famous hacker "The Dolly". She, however, had blonde pigtails originally as seen in her inventory before switching to her brown ones, she wears rare pink shoes and is a level, 9 user.

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Her Artbooks

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She is shown with two best friends on her profile but no romantic\4thie spot taken. They are named Thedolleyxx (Who I think is probably her backup account) and Janey Jonna who looks like a Grim knockoff.

"Janey Jonna"

Janey was made a year after Dolleyx. So perhaps they are the same person? Janey is seen without Thedolleyxx who is assumed to be the backup account of thedolleyx? Janey has a black bandaged face, and purple hair, she wears a red doctors hat with a black cross symbol, her dress is a white nurse dress. Her Status Reads "Play With Me? Please? It's Okay!" She is level 5 so not a high level. For what I can tell I think she is inactive right now.

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Janey Jona


She was made the same year and month as thedolleyx. She is in noob clothing and had white pale skin like Janey is seen to have. She is probably thedolleyx's backup account and she isn't active.

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