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Whyy is a hacker on MSP (SZ).

What she looks like

She has the red short starter hair and the bunny shirt starter. She also has no pants on and white skin.

Who does she hack and what happens when she hacks you

Whhy normally hacks people she finds in a cafe with many players on it. When she hacks you your screen would freeze and/or your laptop should shut down. She'd change your status to "I'm real and forever will be (d)" or to "Whyy did I do that," and if not it'd probably have Whhy in it.

Whhy also has the possibility of finding your personal information; which can include your age, the place you go to school/work at, even your location, and turn on your camera to see what you look like.

 Users shes hacked-

Xx_Charlie_xX- deleted



Purplekitten182- deleted

Blacsniper- deleted

IzAneI- deleted

Itzangle- deleted

The Dolly 293432-Deleted


Pixl StAr- deleted 

Lucyslucky181- deleted

 The last place she has been seen

Love cafe 5/01/2018 12:06 PM