WhitëNoisë is a supposed hacker and all in all user on MSP's Uk server. Not many people know about her (I'm calling them her since it's a female account, I'm not sure of the hacker's true gender) because she's had very few victims. Supposedly, she's hacked a few users in 2017 but is supposedly taking a break from her career so that no hacker hunters will find out about her.

She currently claims to be a "Dark User". Someone who only hacks users like rare scammers and bullies.


WhitëNoisë is usually on a noob account (Other than her main account) wearing only white clothing, white hair, white accessories and white skin, with white eyes and white lips. She normally goes into the Miami Cafe. Sometimes she appears as a

White Noise

This is what WhitëNoisë currently looks like.

Deleted User and other times, she has her normal user, WhitëNoisë. WhitëNoisë's status is something like

"Do you hear it? Pulsing through your soul? It's the White Noise coming for you." -WhitëNoisë

On a rare occasion, if she likes the account she hacks, she may take all of its rares and delete it, send all the rares to her main account and lock it out for however long, or even just delete it on the spot. One victim actually had some of her rares stolen when she encountered the WhitëNoisë.

The Trademark

When WhitëNoisë hacks you, she changes your status to,

"I've found you, you heard the White Noise, now, you will pay." -WhitëNoisë

WhitëNoisë may even change your clothes to an entirely white outfit of white / whitish clothing that your user has.

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