Who Is WinnieTheLittleS?


WinnieTheLittleS is supposedly the hacker Terrigang on MSP. (UK and USA)

It is believed that the Terrigang Twins have returned. It is rumored that they are under the accounts of WinnieTheLittleS. One spelt "WinnieTheLittIeS" with an "i" instead of an "l". They are believed to have been the original Terrigang "Boss" and "Terrigang (Locked Out)".
WinnieTheLittleS (other)

The "Terri Gang" YouTube

Screenshot 2016-06-21-20-19-15

Her USA account

In February 2016, a user with a YouTube account called "Terri gang" claimed to be Terrigang. This channel became quite popular, and not only had videos on MSP, but also several other games which "Terrigang" played. The channel was later subjected to some controversy when the user behind the YouTube channel claimed to have created a hacked free animation, "Juggling fruit". Users who bought this animation were said to have been hacked.

Are They Still Active?

MSP Terrigang Story!

MSP Terrigang Story!

They are both searchable as of current. Surprisingly, on KatieTheLittleS' guestbook, a best friend, and 4thie of the twins, you can see that they were made in February 2016, as well as that "WinnieTheLittleS" has commented on their guest book numerous times. WinnieTheLittieS will have also had to log on as they would have had to added to this account. This suggests, horrifically, that they have not forgotten about their accounts and both are active as of 2016.  

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