About xxdemondeathxx

xxdemondeathxx was a MSP hacker that went by many usernames.


In the past, Demon Death would make accounts and say she's gonna hack people. The only account she ever hacked was a user called Asstiu (USA) #youtuberlovelife (USA) I am aida (UK). She mostly just bullied people. She also was shown to be nice if you got to know her. Asstiu says that "She is sweet, but with a dab of spice" She also tells people to die.

How she hacks

First, she hacks in a way that I still don't know about and if you message her something rude,she may hack you. Then, she steals your clothes and keeps your account for a day. After the day, she gives you your account back.


  • She is said to be 18 years old
  • She hacks if you bother her
  • Asstiu claims that she met demon death in a chatroom and that they are friends but still has to be careful with her
  • Asstiu said she had kik which was ash_queen
  • She can hack into your best friend spot
  • She was here since 2014
  • Her new hacker account is Asstiu the real, which she hacked off of Asstiu and is pretending to be her