Your Nonna is a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK).
Your nonna

Her profile so far.

Who is Your Nonna?

Your Nonna is a hacker who made her account in July 2016. On first sight, she doesn't look really creepy. Her status isn't a poem or strange at all. She isn't similar to any hackers. When she is going to hack you, she has your name in your status..


She has grey hair, a pale skin, and a black dress. She has the new starter pink loafers and wrinkles. Facial features include brown eyes, "regular" nose and dark red lips.

What happens when she hacks you?


How your status will look like

First, you hear a sort of "witch scream" and then you'll get logged out. Your status, clothes, and password will be changed. Fortunately, she doesn't do anything bad to your account. According to Pumkin Chic, nothing happened after she got hacked by Your Nonna. Your Nonna does not warn you or message you before she hacks.

Your nonna2

Her outfit.

How to avoid her

You can't really avoid her because she just randomly hacks MovieStars, but to stay safe, don't interact with her unless you would want to get hacked.