The original Zalgo

Zalgo was a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK, and USA). They were known for being rude to their victims before hacking them, as they used offensive slurs and inappropriate language. Not much is known about Zalgo but they hated to be compared with other hackers.


Zalgo New Msp Hacker?

Zalgo New Msp Hacker?

  • They were very popular and very active on forums, which is where they gained the majority of their fame.
  • At one point, she was reportedly a level 0 user with VIP items which could gained due to hacking.
  • There were mainly inspired by the fake Zalgo accounts in chatrooms in 2013.
  • They were banned in the USA MSP server after the panic she caused on the forums.
  • Zalgo is believed to be based off a Creepypasta character who goes by the name of Zalgo. They could also be based off a creepy font by the same name.
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