The original Zalgo

Zalgo was a hacker on MovieStarPlanet (UK, and USA). They were known for being rude to their victims before hacking them, as they used offensive slurs and inappropriate language. Not much is known about Zalgo but they hated to be compared with other hackers.


Zalgo New Msp Hacker?

Zalgo New Msp Hacker?

  • They were very popular and very active on forums, which is where they gained the majority of their fame.
  • At one point, she was reportedly a level 0 user with VIP items which could gained due to hacking.
  • There were mainly inspired by the fake Zalgo accounts in chatrooms in 2013.
  • They were banned in the USA MSP server after the panic she caused on the forums.
  • Zalgo is believed to be based off a Creepypasta character who goes by the name of Zalgo. They could also be based off a creepy font by the same name.
  • The only other accounts she has is zalgo he comes(who was also her best friend on MSP), $$$ and £££, i am really going to hurt you miss, stopquestioningme123, heyo girls xox, mikra moske and the toys have coe out to play (who has been deleted) who was also her best friend on MSP.
  • She hacked an account called choco baby awesome and changed her clothes to ''the dolly'' outfit and appeared on a video including her old accounts who look very similiar to her Zalgo account. Choco baby awesome may be deleted as she gave the account to another hacker, a (probably) fake anonymous.
  • she used to have a youtube account called zalgo he comes msp but it has been deleted. She used to her signature caps lock swearing and ''screaming'' on the comments of a youtube account called kayclare350. The comments are probably deleted since her youtube account has been deleted
  • The only proof her new accounts have that she is the original Zalgo is that she takes people to the original Zalgo's room (but has been unable to do this anymore as the new error that pops up when you click on a deleted user).
  • she used to have a friend called sea monster (on MSP) who were also friends on deviantart. Her friend says she knows she had a connection with MSP. They are no longer active.
  • Her deviantart accounts are called zalgo-pinkamena and what-the-flim-flem (she deleted nearly all her art) but pictures are still saved from them on pinterest.
  • She claims she has forgotten how to hack on her other account, zalgo he comes a few years ago.
  • She appeared on some movies that you will find her original account starred in if you search ''zalgo'' on the movies search bar.
  • Her first account called rainbowdash12345678910 back in 2012 got banned forever for bullying ishacool and pretending to be hacked by anonymous. This account might show up on the profile comments from the account called QueenLoveBeth (who she also hacked).
  • The youtube account account kayclare350 was actually her sister who has inactive accounts called 0dessa, gothgirlxxd and im blue dob a de (this is because she died due to cystic fibrosis).
  • Her other accounts still have the gifts the original Zalgo had on $$$ and £££ and zalgo he comes from people who tried to be nice to her to not get hacked (as she only hacked people who were mean to her) and unless the people who gave her them gifts can say they are them, this is the only other way she could prove she is the original Zalgo (she claimed on zalgo he comes a while ago).
  • These accounts that are said to be hers are actually official as the person who edited this is actually the original Zalgo (believe it or not) and is using a fandom account called Zany123ABC.
  • She used to have kind of prototype zalgo accounts called zalgy cake and mikra moske. Zalgy cake has been deleted due to being a hacker.
  • if you look on her other accounts (zalgo he comes and $$$ and £££) you will see that she has most of the zalgo outfit in her clothes and $$$ and £££ has the teethy smile she had gifted to new account.
  • She had blue eyes before her account got deleted.
  • she told her friend (sea monster) that the reason she chose the name ''Zalgo'' is because she actually had a crush on Zalgo the creepypasta character on a forum.
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